Mantua Finials
Present their original rock musical, Legend of the Bunnyman      

Hi! Wecome to our Electronic Press Kit. We've tried to include everything, but don't hesitate to contact us directly if you need additional information. (Jim Waters: 703.585.5720 or Carol Gaylor: 703.909.4893) Thanks for checkin' us out!

Mantua Finials are Josh Rowley, Carol Gaylor, Mark Johnson, Chris Piller and Jim Waters. All are alumni to the music scene in Northern Virginia. The music combines a unique blend of rock, folk, pop, Americana dressed up in a white bunny suit of classical orchestral instrumentation. Visit our website.

So what is this "Legend of the Bunnyman" thing anyway? At this stage it is a 26-song musical work that tells the story about the life of local urban legend The Bunnyman. Our band, The Mantua Finials, is currently performing the music live and simultaneously wrapping up the recording of the songs. Ultimately we see the music being presented in a theatrical setting, either as a rock musical or opera genre, and are very excited about moving to the next level. We have not yet introduced any theatrical element to the live presentation but have initiated discussions with theatrical organizations, as well as schools, in an attempt to partner a mutually beneficial presentation of the story.
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"The Bunnyman" "Mantua Finials" Media Coverage
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Jim Waters ( phone 703.585.5720 or Carol Gaylor at 703.909.4893.
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